I want to know why:

1) I love avocados
2) I always instinctively go the wrong direction when there are two or more options
3) I like vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup, but hate chocolate ice cream
4) I get uncomfortable watching TV shows like American Idol, where people humiliate themselves, yet other people find it entertaining
5) I order sandwiches/wraps/salads with tomatoes, but always wind up picking them out
6) I am normally confident and outgoing, but am shy in class
7) I always have a class that runs during the same time as the office hours of the professor/TA from whom I need the most help 8) I have coordination when it comes to dance, but not when it comes to sports
9) I’m tired all the time, even after I have just slept
10) I crack my neck when I’m nervous or anxious

I always always go in the wrong direction. No matter how much time I spend planning out my travels, I somehow manage to head in the opposite direction of where I originally intended to go. Getting off the Metro is the worst. By the time I make my way to the street level and stare at my two choices, my mind is flustered trying to quickly decide which path to take. I wouldn’t want to be perceived as a tourist, now would I? My brain does a little dance with itself, timed to the rhythm of my heart, which beats faster as the uncertainty grows. It’s a quick-step rather than a waltz, fast-paced and all over the place. Sometimes I’ll embark on the route that I genuinely believe is correct. Other times, I’ll go the opposite way of what I instinctively choose, hoping that I can essentially trick myself into ultimately going the right way. Still, no matter which method of misguided reasoning I use, I always wind up 3 blocks and 20 minutes late (this is including the times that I leave extremely early to avoid the inevitable lateness.) I guess I can’t really complain; the extra walking allows for my love of avocados and vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup to continue unashamedly.