Glenna Lynne Schubert is a Writer, Dreamer, Lover, part-time Philosopher, Hawaiian-bred, Washington DC educated, FL voter and a sparkly shoes and cinnamon roll enthusiast. Her college application essay began with the sentence “I have no home.” Although she has grown up in places such as South Korea, Okinawa, Hawaii, and a few southern states, she feels most at “home” in libraries, coffee shops, and new/used bookstores. While she understands the convenience of the Kindle, nothing will ever replace that beyond satisfying feeling of flipping a page. Her ideal day would be spent living a midnight scene from Woody Allen’s “Midnight in Paris”—although she has never been to Paris, and admits that she lacks Owen Wilson’s boyish charm (and lustrous hair). She spent a summer as a tour guide in DC, and thus can retain random factoids to be brought out to fill the most awkward silences. Her appreciation for the written word extends to handwritten thank-you notes and lovely letters, which she feels are greatly undervalued. She is an asthmatic with zero athletic ability and marathon-running aspirations. She has a list of over 100 things she would like to accomplish before turning 30, but refuses to write a “bucket list” because she hates the phrase “kicking the bucket.” She is an avid fan of F. Scott Fitzgerald, deep tissue massages, and films from the 1950s.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Just read your story about being the rebound girl at hellogiggles and it really hit home for me. Im in the re-rebound phase right now and ive decided to end it all. I shouldnt have texted him back the second time his girlfriend broke up with him. I feel so pathetic ugh


    • Hi Em!

      I am so sorry I missed this when you originally reached out! Yes, this type of relationship is always tricky, and old habits die hard. I hope in the time since you last wrote that you have found clarity, whether that means moving on or finding a balance in the relationships that works for YOU (because YOU are the most important part of this equation!) Thank you for reading 🙂


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