They call us Millennials
and screenagers
not pioneers
or visionaries.

They say that we’re fickle
and vain
not wishful
or meticulous.

They cry us restless
and wasteful
not ambitious
or quick-witted.

They know we did not create the steam engine
or the cotton gin
but we are constantly moving
connecting; Growing.

They use iPods, Flip Cams,
and YouTube and Facebook
children of the baby boomers
we are blasting through.

They understand we’ve seen war
and disaster and death and divorce
like those before us
aren’t we all the same in the end?

They neglect to notice we’re whimsical for a white picket fence
and 2.5 children
who we will one day look
with shaking heads.

Glenna Lynne Schubert


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